Sculpture Factory

The SCULPTURE.FACTORY is an independent working group of professional sculptors creating contemporary works in stone and other materials and in all sizes from small to monumental. The group undertakes various activities including design, creation, exhibition, agency and sales. We also offer services such as advice, sculpture rental and an artist in residence.

The SCULPTURE.FACTORY is situated in open land on the site of a largely disused stonemason’s yard in Pero Pinheiro, a major area for quarrying stone. For over twenty years the village has been a magnet for sculptors, art lovers and collectors from around the world. Despite the fact that the artists, the studios and the creative movements have changed the centre remains a hive of artistic energy. This is thanks to all the artists, past and present and too numerous to name, who have worked here.


Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 11.00 to 19.00. Saturday & Sunday:  Please contact us to make an appointment.Further information contact us at

Further information contact us at